• MMIW

Impromptu Creative Staycation

So this week started a little different, the Power in my entire apartment building went out Saturday night and it’s been out ever since, so I’ve been forced to switch my creative flow up and work from the hotel down the street from my residence until the problem is resolved (which should be by Thursday.) I have not wasted anytime since I’ve been here and the hotel is new and nice so it’s been a blessing in disguise. I’m happy to announce I have finished the AWoL Basketball Jersey collection (inspired by some of my favorite college & NBA colorways) and they will all be available Saturday(25% off sale on everything through monday).

I’m also happy to announce the AWoL short sets are a real thing and they will also be available this weekend

And last but certainly not least, we have new HATS with both the new designs.

I really love everything that I’ve been able to create during this little staycation, I really hope yall like them as much as I like making them. More new stuff coming soon!

Love Y’all, New Pod by Friday!


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