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Go-Go has been the Heartbeat of Washington DC since the late 1970s. Over the last 5 decades this art form has feed into the culture of DC (or better known as Chocalate City) and trully gave us an identity outside of our area. During the mid 2000's Go-Go music was under fire because of the violent nature of the area at the time. The government/law enforcement nearly Outlawed Go-Go's in DC & PG county for years,, citing that Go-Go was the catalyst for all the violence. Over the later part of this ending decade, we as a Go-Go community has spent tireless hours changing the narrative and eliminating the violence stigmas associated with our beloved artform. Since I returned back to the DC area in 2017, it has been a mission to revive the Go-Go scene in the city because we are losing our identity as a city piece by piece each day.


Since My return Ive had the amazing opportunity  to work with most to all the major players in the Go-Go community and we have pumped a new wind into the scene. In April of this year (2019) the Famous T-Mobile store on Florida and Ga. Ave became the center of controversy when new residents (gentrifiers) complained about the noise from the music being played outdoors. This was an ultimate slap in the face of the local community(espeically the Go-Go community) and it sparked whats now known as the #DONTMUTEDC movement, championed by my good man Justin (@yaddiya). Justin put into action the #Dontmutedc peaceful protest series where the bands would do a concert in the middle of the U st. Corridor in order to show the power in numbers and the ability for us all to come together, PEACEFULLY for a purpose that we can all support. 

Since April We have done countless peaceful events that all are centered around real issues in the city that usually get overlooked and ignored by residences and legislation in the city reflects that. It is a long journey ahead of us to trully take back the identity of our city, but i feel as though we are well on our way to doing just that. Much love to all the Major Players in the Community to include Yaddiya, Bo (TCB), BIG G & Weensey (BYB), TJ & Jody P(NewImpressionz), Chris & Loso (TOB), Roc Mikey & UCB, Etime and Zo from CCB and everybody who i forgot. This is Our City and we aint going for it!!





Live @ HipHop Meets GoGo


Live @ HipHop Meets GoGo


Live @ HipHop Meets GoGo

Live @ Lucky Strikes

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